Cardiac Rehabilitation

Research has consistently shown that cardiac rehabilitation for those who have had a heart attack, angioplasty, heart surgery or heart failure is powerful medicine in helping patients recover more quickly back to good health and in many cases to better health. Cardiac rehabilitation reduces the risk for future heart problems such as the need for repeat hospitalization, angioplasty or heart surgery. Patients who actively participate in cardiac rehabilitation recover and return to good health more quickly.

Cardiac rehabilitation is powerful medicine for helping the recovery process for patients who have had:

Heart attack | Angioplasty | Heart surgery | Heart failure

New Heart exercise physiologists help motivate, educate and guide members through their fitness journey. Their goal is to help our members improve fitness, flexibility, strength, and balance while providing nutritional guidance for a heart healthy lifestyle.

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What is Included in Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

Exercise: 36 supervised, patient specific sessions designed to build endurance, strength, and flexibility. Workouts are carefully monitored in a safe environment.

Heart Healthy Diet: Nutrition specialists teach how to shop, cook, and dine out while maintaining a heart healthy, blood pressure friendly diet. Learn how to make and choose meals rich in flavor with fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Stress Reduction: Learn how to develop optimism and create healthy patterns with the help of life coaches.

Medication Education: New Heart team in conjunction with your healthcare provider will provide assurance that your medication and its dosage is appropriate for your treatment. The team will offer advice on how best to follow doctor’s instructions and ensure you understand watching for side effects.

Weight Management: Help with weight management with the goal of weight loss.

Quit Tobacco: Instruction on stopping the harmful habit with education about controlling secondary risk factors like cholesterol and blood pressure.

Health Benefits of Cardiac Rehabilitation

A 25 percent reduction in all-cause mortality rates

Decreased mortality at up to five years post-participation

Reduction in 10-year all-cause mortality following a Coronary Artery Bypass Graft (CABG)

Reduced symptoms, such as angina, dyspnea and fatigue

Reduction in nonfatal recurrent myocardial infarction over median follow-up of 12 months

Improved health factors, like lipids and blood pressure

Increased knowledge about cardiac disease and its management

Enhanced ability to perform daily living activities, return to work and engage in leisure activities

Improved health related quality of life and psychosocial symptoms

Source: American Heart Association

How to Start Cardiovascular Rehabilitation

  1. A gentle walking test
  2. Evaluation with a New Heart physician
  3. Create your exercise prescription with a New Heart physiologist.

The Heart Smart Lifestyle Consists of:

  • One on One consult with a nutrition specialist
  • Nutrition classes and workshops
  • Evaluation and recommendations with respect to cholesterol, blood pressure and weight management
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Cardiac Rehab for Heart Failure Patients

In the past, patients who experienced heart failure were told not to stress their hearts. Research has demonstrated the opposite. There are profound benefits to participating in a comprehensive cardiac rehabilitation program.

Patients who have experienced heart failure and complete a rehabilitation program have had noticeable improvements in their quality of life, including less fatigue and reductions in shortness of breath.

Our comprehensive heart failure program builds on the cardiac rehab program. We teach self-care habits emphasizes proper nutrition, help keep patients out of health trouble and can help you live a longer, healthier life!

Learn more about our Heart Failure for Cardiac Rehabilitation Program [PDF]

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