New Heart New You – Heart Disease Prevention Program

A unique, prevention-as-treatment approach for patients of heart disease.

New Heart New You is a personalized, structured weight loss management and nutrition program for people with or at risk for heart disease. Members’ customized plans include the hands on involvement of a New Heart cardiologist, a trainer, and a nutrition and lifestyle coach all working together to help you lose weight.

Experts at the New Heart Center will help you develop an exercise program to help you thrive, teach you to make healthy decisions to manage your weight, and help you manage stress ultimately improving your heart health, blood pressure and cholesterol.

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New Heart New You is for you:

  • If you are at high risk for heart disease
  • If you’ve had a previous heart attack, angioplasty or heart surgery
  • If you have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes
  • If you need a structured exercise and nutrition weight loss program

Program Components

  1. Initial Consultation: The consultation identifies the patient’s cardiovascular health status and provides the elements for the 36 session prescription. It begins with a preventative cardiology consultation with Dr. Barry W. Ramo, the medical director of New Heart. This includes a complete evaluation of the patient’s medical history with appropriate laboratory and imaging studies. Next, the patient attends a consultation with an exercise physiologist, a nutrition specialist and a life coach. Medical insurance may pay for most of this visit.
  2. New Heart New You prescription: The 36-session program is designed to improve fitness, muscle strength, flexibility and balance. The comprehensive program includes guidelines for nutrition and weight management. The participant trains with our team of exercise fitness specialists to establish a routine of lifelong fitness. The participant attends weekly meetings with nutrition coaches where they will learn to follow a diet for optimal cardiovascular health and weight loss if necessary. The nutrition/weight loss instruction teaches patients how to shop, eat out, read food labels and eat healthy. A lifestyle coach helps you pursue your fitness goals with greater commitment and vigor. The patient gains a clear understanding of what they need to do to maintain a high level of fitness.

No referral is required to participate in this program.

See some of our amazing results [PDF]

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